Sunday, October 7, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Ever since Mina talked to me about joining Six Sentence Sunday for the first time, Roger and I have been constantly bickering about what should we choose and boy did it get mean! Heated arguments, questions about one's sanity and swiping coffee before one could drink it. Coffee had been the last straw and no one wanted spilled coffee so a truce was called and cooler heads prevailed.

For our first ever six I've selected a scene from The Colonel's Man where Jason and Drew had managed to free their 'package' from her initial predicament. However the baddies know they're there and things are about to get hairy!

More shouts reached their ears as he reached out and grabbed her hand, hooking
it under the strap of his tactical rig. She frowned, leaning closer to listen to what was going on out in the corridor.
“Look, I can shoot. Three guns are better than two.”
“I’m sure you can, lady,” he said as he watched Drew go right into the corridor
with his carbine set to rock and roll. “Not that I don’t trust you it’s just that… I don’t
trust you. With a weapon anyway. Now quit arguing with me and just get ready to

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  1. Great action and I agree three is better than two. Let the girl have a gun! LOL

  2. Love some action! and just because she says she can shoot it doesn't mean she can. Nice six.

  3. Thanks for the comments and thank you for stopping by :)