Sunday, November 4, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks to an ISP issue (which I unfairly blame on Roger), here I am I week late for Six Sentence Sunday. So wait, if the saying goes about being a day late and a dollar short, did someone just filch seven bucks from me?

Today's six is taken from The Colonel's Man. After being discharged from the MedBay Arita, being her usual stubborn self, decided to to go work out against doctor's orders. A busted punching bag turned into a sparring match with Jason. However since she wasn't exactly in perfect shape to be fighting, down she went. And the take down turned into something a little bit more... intimate.

She shifted her hips again.

“Fuck! Will you stop doing that?” He bit back his groan and the impulse to slam
his own head into the mat just so he wouldn’t think about how he wanted to rip off her pants, pull down his and bury himself into her.

“What? This?”

She wriggled again and managed to get one hand free. Swearing, he recaptured
it, looping his forearm under the back of her neck and holding her arms down. The new position gave him more control but brought his lips temptingly closer to hers.

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  1. Yeah, you gotta watch out for those wrestling matches! Sexy 6, Will!