Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Throwing The Switch

Wow... my very first blog.

I keep wondering if I'm usually more talkative and animated when I'm conversing with Roger, my pet rock, especially when he refuses to hear my side of the argument. Can you say stony silence? (chuckles)

When I was thinking of the name to call the blog I suddenly thought of "The Factory"; a place that ideas go through and come out something different. Not so much like a typical factory where things are mass produced but more of like a place where each item made is unique, built up from raw materials and made into something different and enjoyable. Like a custom built sports car.

Great. Now I can hear Roger heckling at me with that line. Shut up Roger!

So watch out for my future ideas and upcoming launch of my very first book; a collaboration with my very good friend Mina Carter.

And here's to throwing the switch to The Factory and as it comes online let the good ideas come.

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